If you have a leaking toilet, either inside the bowl itself, or externally onto the floor, there are a few different causes for these issues. Thankfully, most of these causes can be repaired quickly and cheaply.

But if you are looking at having a new toilet suite installed, there a number of important factors which will decide the style and model of toilet suite that is suitable for your situation.

If you would like to purchase the toilet suite yourself, please consider these factors carefully, as you may find that the toilet suite you have chosen will be more costly to install, due to the extra work involved in adjusting water and/or waste pipes.

We are able to supply a range of high quality toilet suites, each carefully chosen to be suitable for your particular situation. Also, by choosing us to supply the suite, you will have the peace of mind that we will deal with any warranty issues on your behalf.

But if you would like to supply the suite yourself, please be aware of the following factors before you start shopping:

Waste outlet type

S trap (through the floor), P trap (through the rear wall) or Skew trap (through the side wall).

Waste pipe set-out

Distance the existing waste pipe is situated from either the rear wall or the floor. (Depending on waste outlet type)

Water supply set-out

Distance the existing water supply is situated from the walls, floor and waste pipe.

Bottom inlet - The water supply pipe comes from the floor or the lower wall and the water supply pipe is exposed.

Back inlet - The water supply pipe is located high on the rear wall and comes in through the back of the cistern.

Types of toilet suites


The cistern can be either plastic or ceramic with a plastic flush pipe being used to connect the cistern to the pan, which is then covered by a plastic bridging piece.

Connector suites are the cheapest type to purchase and can usually be retrofitted to nearly any existing 'S' or 'P' trap installation with little extra work involved.


The cistern is always ceramic and is connected (bolted) directly to the pan without the use of a flush pipe.

Most close coupled suites come with an option for either a bottom or back inlet water supply and can usually be retrofitted to any existing 'P' trap installation, but some models have a very limited set out range for 'S' trap installations.

Wall Faced (Back-to-wall)

The cistern is connected the same way as a close coupled suite, but the rear of the pan sits flush against the rear wall.

Wall Faced suites are usually the most stylish and will give the best finish, but they do present some issues that the other types do not.

Most Wall Faced suites have a wide set out range, but they are not always suitable to be retrofitted to an existing installation, usually due to the placement of the water supply pipe.

Skirting boards and tiles may also need to be cut to shape to allow the suite to fit flush against the rear wall.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us any time.

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