We can clear almost any blockage in your home's sewerage system and will make the job a top priority with a fast response time.

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Blocked drains are a common and sometimes costly, ongoing problem.

Mount Coolum Plumbing specialises in both the clearing and camera inspection of both sewerage and stormwater systems.

The use of a CCTV camera after the drain is clear is not only a great way to inspect whether the blockage has been cleared thouroughly, but it also gives you, the home owner, a first hand view of what the issue is, as well as where on your property it is.

drain camera

The most common cause of recurring drain blockages in a home's main sewerage line is the infiltration of tree roots, but some other causes are:

- Grease or fat blockages

- Cloths/wipes

- Broken pipes

- Sanitary items

In a homes sewerage system, even a very badly blocked drain, whether from tree roots, grease or wipes can be cleared by an experienced plumber a large majority of the time. It is extremely rare that a drain needs to be immediately dug up and repaired.

But once tree roots have infiltrated a drainage system, they may become an ongoing problem, with the only real way to permanently fix the issue being to dig up and replace the affected section of drain or have the pipe relined. (relining is usually only used if the drain is in a difficult location to access).

Sometimes it may be years between blockages, other times it can happen within 6-12 months. For this reason I believe it is always best to clear and camera a drain and then wait to see how long it takes to re-occur before considering whether to repair the issue or just continue to clear it when necessary.


A blocked stormwater pipe can often be a lot harder to clear than a sewer pipe and is far more likely to need immediate repair.

This is because stormwater pipes, (unlike sewer pipes, which which have far thicker walls making them a lot stronger) are usually laid in 90mm PVC or other soft flexible pipes.

This means that they are easily squashed or broken and can be very badly damaged by tree roots making it sometimes impossible to clear, no matter what type of drain cleaning machine the plumber is using.

The good news is, stormwater drains are often laid a lot shallower in the ground making it easier to access.